Dinosaurs News - news about dinosaurs http://www.dinosaursnews.com/ Latest news about dinosaurs and palentology from DinosaursNews.com Dinosaurs vs. Moths at London's Natural History Museum http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_nhm_jurassic_area.php London's Natural History Museum has made the news again, for another controversial decision about how to arrange their exhibits. Visit to Gulliver's Dinosaur and Farm Park http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_gullivers.php On Sunday August 16th, I went with my three-year old son and his maternal grandfather to see Gulliver's Dinosaur and Farm Park which is in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire. Sue the T. Rex turns 25 http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_sue_25.php This week it's 25 years since "Sue", the world's largest and most famous T. Rex was discovered by paleontologists Sue Hendrickson and Peter Larson in South Dakota. Pixar's forthcoming movie - The Good Dinoasur http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_disney_pixar_good_dinosaur.php Comments and link to the trailer of Pixar's forthcoming movie - The Good Dinoasur Chinese police find 231 dinosaur eggs and Psittacosaurus sksleton. http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_dinosaur_231_stolen_eggs.php Chinese police seized a large collection of dinosaur fossils from a home in the southern Guangdong Province (in China it is generally illegal to private own or trade fossils). The fossils included 231 (some stories give the figure as 213) eggs, as well a We're Back! http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_were_back.php After a long hiatus, dinosaursnews.com is going to start being updated again. Names of Dinosaurs http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_names_of_dinosaurs.php Many people wonder how dinosaurs get their exotic names - so here's an explanation Dinosaurs Don't Suck http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_dinosaurs_dont_suck.php Why is something obsolete or failing always compared to dinosaurs? So Just How Fast Were Dinosaurs? http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_how_fast.php How fast could dinosaurs run? 10 Lesser Known Dinosaur Species http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_lesser_known_dinosaur_species.php Some of the lesser known types of dinosaurs (article available to reprint) 10 Amazing Dinosaur Species http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_10_amazing_dinosaur_species.php Fascinating facts about dinosaur species (article you can reprint) 10 Amazing Facts about Dinosaurs http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_10_amazing_dinosaur_facts.php 10 fascinating and amazing facts about dinosaurs (an article you can reprint) Dinosaur Jungle - Dinosaur Species Section Updated http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_dinosaur_jungle_updated.php We've just completed a major updated to dinosaurjungle.com Giant Sand Dinosaur in South Carolina http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_giant_sand_dinosaur.php A giant sand dinosaur sculpture is being constructed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Did the world's largest dinosaur live in Australia? http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_dinosaur_largest_australia.php A huge titanosaurus from the Cretaceous has gone on display in Queensland Australia Dinosaur Skin in Japan http://www.dinosaursnews.com/n1_dinosaur_skin_in_japan.php Construction works find fossilized dinosaur skin in Japan